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This is a glimpse of who I am, and how life and my life in this mortal world..!
Hi friend... !!!
I am is a human being like you which of course is also a servant of God, who live on the earth belongs to Allah .......
And the photo on the side is my original face cursory look, If my friend had seen, met, passed or face to face with someone whose face like that, it could be it is me, my friend could say hello, rebuked him or hug him too ...
I am a ordinary human beings, the earth is certainly also a servant of God, which is far from perfection and goodness, always close with all faults, which seeks to struggle to pursue the path of truth and learn to live in sincerity.

If Buddy Want to know me more closely, can contact me via Social Networking, Facebook, Twitter, or can also directly play the place I live. Okay so first story is my friend, and I say many thanks u for visiting,,,!!!
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Address : Jln. Simpang Tiga 17 Selorejo - Blitar - Jatim.
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